Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

JIXIANG Products’ reputation for quality spans more than five years of operation, but we continually strive to achieve even greater results for our customers every day.  

Through our dedicated quality department and under the guidance of a lean six-sigma ‘master black-belt’ we are delivering our 2 year quality strategy; planning ahead for the future needs of our customers and ensuring that we continue to maintain a high level of quality in all areas of the business.

In 2010 we achieved ISO 9001 and this has been validated every 3 years since then, including our current validation to  ISO 9001: 2016 in Feb, 2017. Recently, we put more emphasis on the environmental protection. Rohs certificate is approved.

Achieving globally recognised certification not only provides JIXIANG with a strict structure for quality within our operations; it provides customers and suppliers with independent assurance that JIXIANG is a high quality organization. 

·Maintaining our business management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 2016.
·Appropriately use brass and nylon material to reduce pollution.
·Carrying out reviews of monthly process measurements such as financial analysis and marketing analysis.
·Analyzing and tracking customer feedback and satisfaction on a regular basis

JIXIANG as a manufacturer, we dedicated ourselves to making customers satified with our cable glands. Strictly according to customers’ offered drawings, add some suggestions that makes products more suitable for the application. To gain the trust and heart of customer, revising drawings and producing samples are necessary to both of sides. After checking for few times and confirmation from customers, we will start mass production. Frequently, uploading production information to customers and keeping following up.

·According to customers’ requests, making the drawing precise.

·Checking samples with customers till both sides agree on.
·Doing the following up with customers after they received the products.
·Analyzing the feedbacks and improving ourselves.

Since people are aware of the importance of environment, we need to protect our environment within which we live and work, and we are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on local level.

Our annual environmental objectives and targets are developed as part of our process of continual improvement, and monitored on a monthly basis. This includes energy efficiency, waste minimisation, resource efficiency and recycling, as well as any environmental risks associated with our work. Every part of our operations is challenged to meet these targets.

·Implementing recycling bins around key areas in the business

·Regular paper shredding service to dispose of paper waste in a resourceful way
·Minimising energy waste through improved LED lighting in offices
·Reducing water waste through the implementation of a new water filtration system

JIXIANG promises our customers a quick delivery. We will speed up our production but still keep the quality, to meet our customers’ urgent needs.

Usually, for small orders, 3 working days or less can we deliver the goods. If the quantity is large, it will take us about 15-20 working days to produce. Express, shipment or airway, it’s up to customers.

·Deliver goods as soon as possible with high quality still.
·Variety of transportation ways are available.


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