Armoured Cable Glands

Armoured cable glands are designed for use with steel-wired armoured (SWA) cables, also known simply as armoured cable for industrial applications.

Jixiang Connector armoured cable glands are manufactured to the highest quality under a third-party approved quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and Jixiang Connector provide a wide range of armoured cable glands and Available in multiple dimensions, thread forms and materials.

You can find common armoured cable glands as below:

BW cable glands

BW cable glands come with superfine finishing for its looks and sturdity of dependable reliability of the cable glands and used for indoor application when a waterproof seal is not required.

BW cable glands suitable for single wire armored, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Recommended to use with shroud for additional ingress protection.

CW cable glands

CW cable glands is used for outdoor applications, terminates and secure cable armoring and outer seal grips sheath of cable thus ensuring mechanical strength and earth continuity and where necessary to provide an IP66 seal with the outer sheath of the cable.

What the difference between BW cable glands and CW cable glands?

Both the BW and CW cable glandss are used to provide clamping of the armored wire to ensure electrical continuity and mechanical retention of the cable.

As far as the difference of the BW and CW cable glandss is concerned, it is to a large extent dependent on the area in which it is used. 

The BW cable glandss is used for indoor application when a waterproof seal is not required. The CW cable glandss is used for outdoor applications and where necessary to provide an IP66 or IP67 seal with the outer sheath of the cable.

Single compression cable glands

Single compression cable glands are essentially offers grip or compression at one place, namely the cable armour, offer added support to the big armored cables exiting and entering the panel, does not fully protect the entry of moisture and corrosive vapour.

Double compression cable glands

The compression happens both at the cable armour as well as at the inner sheath in double compression cable glands. The hence, chances of moisture or vapour entry are minimized due to the two sealling.

Double compression cable glands could be used in the corrosive condition with weatherproof function in outdoors, the high-quality cable glands parts ensure the characteristics in fireproof performance, high-temperature resistance, dust resistance, flameproof and waterproof protection etc.

Single compression cable glands VS double compression cable glands

Double compression glands provide extra support to the heavy armored cables entering or exiting the panel while single compression glands are used for light armored cables. 

It should be noted that single compression cable glands and double compression cable glands are used in different area.
For example, in the oil and gas sector, where there is presence of hydrocarbons, double compression cable glands are recommended for usage. This is on account of the fact that the double compression cable glands will ensure that in case of any explosion no flame will be able to escape.
On the other hand, in areas where there is no fire hazard, it is safe to use single compression glands. Additionally, single compression cable glandss are fit to use in average climatic conditions, although in addition with PVC shrouds, they can also be used in corrosive settings.

What’s more? armoured cable glands can come complete with cable accessories, such as earth tag and PVC shroud

Earth Tag for armoured cable glands

Earth tag is used with armoured cable glandss to provide an earth / bonding point. It’s meaning in the event of a fault or short-circuit the most direct route to ground will be achieved.

Earth tag is available in various shape and in all sizes, also can be coated or plated as per Customer Specification.

PVC Shroud for armoured cable glands

PVC Shroud can provide additional protection and enhances IP rating of the armoured cable glands. And PVC shroud can effective solution to weather and corrosion protection of a armoured cable glands.

Jixiang Connector PVC Shroud is available in same armoured gland size compatible to each size of the indurtial armoured cable glands. The arrow end of the sleeves is easy cut with a knife, make it to be slipped over a wide range of cable diameters and assists ease of installations.

Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacturer of armoured cable glands, which are being used successfully in a wide variety of industries, such as oil refineries, food indusrty, chemical industry, mines and quarries and many others. 

Any inquiries of armoured cable glands, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Armoured Cable Gland BW25 Gland is used for armoured cables.Provide armor in the aclamping wire to ensure continuity and mechanical retention ot the cable.Jixiang Connector provide high quality armoured cable gland BW25 gland, which are made of brass, and has own warehouse with long-term stcok for fast delivery.

  • Armoured Cable Gland BW20 Gland can seal the inner sheath and outer sheath of the cable, and maintain the mechanical retention of the cable and the continuity of power transmission by cutting the armored wire, and the armored clamp can maintain the armored cable and cable joint Electrical connection. Contact Jixiang Connector now for quick reply!

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