EMC Locknut
  • EMC LocknutEMC Locknut
  • EMC LocknutEMC Locknut
  • EMC LocknutEMC Locknut
  • EMC LocknutEMC Locknut
  • EMC LocknutEMC Locknut

EMC Locknut

Right from raw material to finished products, the emphasis on quality has been a pivotal pillar on which the brand Jixiang steadfastly rests.Than's why Jixiang can be a leading supplier and manufacturer in China and always provide high quality JIXIANG CONNECTOR® EMC Locknut. We have a complete and scientific quality management system for EMC locknut.All your inquiries will be replied to in 24 hours. Reasonable quality and reasonable price you will get from us.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality JIXIANG CONNECTOR® EMC Locknut, hoping to help you better understand EMC Locknut. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!We have the distinct advantage because the success of our company is directly related to each and every individual. We take pride in all we do, and we take pride in a job well done.

Nickel Plated Brass EMC Locknut with CE

What is a EMC Locknut?
EMC locknut has raised teeth to make a connection with the panel or control boxes to securely hold the locknut in place.

Different from standard Locknut, the EMC Locknut sharp edges cut the isolated coverage and ensure the contact.

EMC locknut are made of Brass Nickel-Plated, used with brass cable glands and metal fittings, offering users a high level of EMC protection, quick installation time and savings in material costs.

EMC Locknut Parameter (Specification)

EMC Locknut Size Chart - Thread: Metric, PG, G, NPT
CODE Thread Spanner size (mm) CODE Thread Thickness (mm) Spanner size (mm)
JX-EMC M12-ML M12 14 JX-EMCPG7-ML PG7 3 14
JX-EMCM14-ML M14 17 JX-EMCPG9-ML PG9 3 17
JX-EMCM16-ML M16 18 JX-EMCPG11-ML PG11 3 20
JX-EMCM18-ML M18 20 JX-EMCPG13.5-ML PG13.5 3 22
JX-EMCM20-ML M20 22 JX-EMCPG16-ML PG16 3.2 24
JX-EMCM22-ML M22 24 JX-EMCPG19-ML PG19 3.5 27
JX-EMCM24-ML M24 27 JX-EMCPG21-ML PG21 4 30
JX-EMCM25-ML M25 27 JX-EMCPG25-ML PG25 4 35
JX-EMCM27-ML M27 30 JX-EMCPG29-ML PG29 4 40
JX-EMCM28-ML M28 30 JX-EMCPG36-ML PG36 5.5 50
JX-EMCM30-ML M30 32 JX-EMCPG42-ML PG42 6 57
JX-EMCM32-ML M32 35 JX-EMCPG48-ML PG48 6.5 64
JX-EMCM33-ML M33 35 JX-EMCPG63-ML PG63 8.5 77
JX-EMCM36-ML M36 40 JX-EMCG1/4-ML G1/4 3 14
JX-EMCM37-ML M37 40 JX-EMCG3/8-ML G3/8 3 18
JX-EMCM40-ML M40 45 JX-EMCG1/2-ML G1/2 3 22
JX-EMCM42-ML M42 45 JX-EMCG3/4-ML G3/4 4 30
JX-EMCM47-ML M47 50 JX-EMCG1-ML G1 4 40
JX-EMCM48-ML M48 52 JX-EMCG1-1/4-ML G1-1/4 5.5 50
JX-EMCM50-ML M50 55 JX-EMCG1-1/2-ML G1-1/2 5.5 57
JX-EMCM54-ML M54 57 JX-EMCG2-ML G2 6 64
JX-EMCM56-ML M56 59 JX-EMCG2-1/2-ML G2-1/2 8.5 77
JX-EMCM60-ML M60 64 JX-EMCG3-ML G3 9 94
JX-EMCM63-ML M63 68 JX-EMCNPT1/4-ML NPT1/4 3 14
JX-EMCM64-ML M64 68 JX-EMCNPT3/8-ML NPT3/8 3 18
JX-EMCM72-ML M72 77 JX-EMCNPT1/2-ML NPT1/2 3 22
JX-EMCM75-ML M75 77 JX-EMCNPT3/4-ML NPT3/4 4 30
JX-EMCM88-ML M88 94 JX-EMCNPT1-1/4-ML NPT1-1/4 5.5 50
JX-EMCM100-ML M100 110 JX-EMCNPT1-1/2-ML NPT1-1/2 5.5 57
JX-EMCNPT2-1/2-ML NPT2-1/2 8.5 77

EMC Locknut Feature And Application

Feature: EMC Locknut usually matched with EMC Cable Glands.

EMC Locknut are widely used in many Industry: Renewable energies, Railway / Transport, Track side, Robotics, Ship building, Chemical Industry, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous

EMC Locknut Details

Material: Brass,nickel plated
Thread: Metric, PG, G, NPT
Certificate: CE, IP68, ISO90001
Feature: EMC Locknut usually matched with EMC Cable Glands.
Function: EMC Locknut for use with most electrical fittings.

EMC Locknut Qualification

Certificates of EMC Locknut: CE, IP68, ISO9001

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Delivery of  EMC Locknut Normally 7 working days  to 1 month after received the payment.

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