Explosion proof Cable Gland

Yueqing Jixiang connector Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of all kinds of Explosion proof Cable Gland and other cable accessories. It is specialized in the production of cable connectors for more than 10 years and is famous at home and abroad. Our cable connectors are widely used in electronics, machinery, musical instruments, electrical appliances and other industrial fields, and have passed CE, IP68, ROHS, ex, ATEX, TUV and ISO9000 certification.
Explosion proof Cable Gland is designed to protect explosion-proof power cables used in hazardous areas. It has IEC ex and ATEX certificates.

Our Explosion proof Cable Gland sealing joint has the characteristics of fast installation, safety and reliability, and has good protective performance. The isolation gasket pipe is suitable for clamping and fixing the steel wire braid of armored cable. It can be used for hazard classes 1 and 2.

What is explosion cable glands?

Explosion-proof cable gland also called atex cable gland or exd cable gland, is widely used in hazardous areas with flameproof function, with features such as grounding, insulation, strain relief, ingress protection.

Different from common cable glands, explosion proof cable glands provide protection from sparks or flame in environments where flammable gas or combustible dust are present

Because of explosion proof cable gland are designed with flame proof Ex d metal body to prevent any ignition from spreading out or constructed with increased safety Ex e metal or plastic body to prevent any ignition from arising inside the body.

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  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Stainless steel armoured cable gland are designed for use with steel-wired armoured (SWA) cables, also known simply as armoured cable,with quick installation, safety, reliability and other characteristics of good protection, isolating gasket tube in suitable for clamping and fixing steel wire knit of armored cable.It can be used in Hazardous division 1&2.Welcome to contact us for any inquires or questions.

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR have extensive experience of Stainless steel Explosion-proof cable gland design and manufacture, our products are designed to satisfy most of our clients' requirements to connect explosion proof electrical equipment.

  • You can rest assured to buy customized JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Brass Explosion-proof Cable Gland from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!
    Brass Explosion-proof cable gland are widely used in the fields of marine, oil, gas, and other medium and high voltage transmission systems. JIXIANG CONNECTORisprofessional supplier of cable gland, please don't hesitate to send an inquiry to us.

Buy products from our factory called Jixiang Connector which is one of the leading Explosion proof Cable Gland manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our high quality Explosion proof Cable Gland are popular with people who want to get cheap commodity. Our products also have passed CE and IP68 certification audit. You can rest assured to buy low price from our factory. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.
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