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  • ​The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of a CW (Cable Wire) cable gland is a measure of its effectiveness in protecting against the intrusion of solids and liquids.


  • A very important step in the decoration of the house is the design of the circuit. At the same time, because the power consumption in daily life is also very large, the requirements for the cable to enter the house are also very high.


  • A breathable cable gland is designed with a vent or venting system that allows air to circulate both into and out of the enclosure, while still providing a secure seal for the cable.Jixiang Connector is a professional cable gland manufacture and we are providing nickel plated brass breathable cable glands and nylon breathable cable glands , to meet your requirements.Welcome to contact us for latest catalogue, our professional sales team are ready to provide you with quality service.


  • With outdoor wiring, the primary safety concerns involve shielding against moisture and corrosion, preventing physical damage, and managing issues related to underground burial. Waterproof cable glands, IP68 Junction Box are the perfect waterproof solution for outdoor wiring.Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacture of waterproof cable gland and IP68 junction box, welcome to contact us for latest catalogue


  • A breathable cable gland allows air to pass through, which helps to equalize pressure and prevent moisture build-up within an electrical enclosure or housing, can help to improve the lifespan and reliability of the equipment it is installed in. Jixiang Connector breathable cable glands available in material brass and nylon, can reach waterproof IP68, with full range of size and we also can providing customized services to meet your requirements.


  • There are many types of wire and cable glands, how to choose? Here is a summary of the following methods to help you choose a higher degree of matching wire and cable glands.


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