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China’s National Day (Golden Week Holiday) that Could Affext Order Lead Times


Why is China’s National Day called Golden Week?

October 1st is China’s National Day, which is celebrated to commemorate the foundation of the People's Republic of China on 1 October 1949. 

There will have a public holiday from October 1st to October 7th every year, is called Golden Week

 - almost all of China’s inhabitants do not work during this period, or if they do, the first few days of the week will be off.

What does China’s National Day Mena for You and how to Plan for it?

You can imagine that all factories and offices are closed and people are traveling during this rare holiday week, tourist attractions are also crowded. 

Hotels are fully booked. Likewise, Containers with goods are jammed in the ports, China ports close, and even international express will suspend deliveries. 

Even after the Golden Week, everything will take a while to get back up and runing.

There have two tips to proactively plan for China’s National Day to minimize any disruptions to your supply chain.

1.Prepare in advance

China’s National Day is an annual holiday that falls on the same date every year, so mark it on your calendar, then you can prepare in advance for it every time. 

Due to carriers impose peak season surcharges due to the high demand around Golden Week in both ocean and air freight, it’s a better choice to avoid delivery at this time.

If you inevitably have goods to ship from China before, during or after Golden Week.

It’s better to book your cargo and secure your space as soon as possible, the earlier the booking is placed, the greater the selection and the better the terms.

2.Keep in touch with your supplier and freight

For any orders you would want to receive in time, you would typically start discussing below questions with your suppliers by around mid to late September.

How’s the order going? When will the goods be ready?Has the container and ship already been booked?

Every year, there are containers that cannot catch up with the shipping schedule at the last minute and can only be transported after the hoildays.

How many days will the factory be closed on China’s National Day? Know the status of the materials needed to produce your product. 

Your suppliers and their raw material supplier may have the different  vacation time.

This is related to whether the factory can produce your order in the first time after come back from the holiday. 

Not only the National Day, but other important festivals, such as the Spring Festival, need to be planned.

One more thing, it is also very important to find a good supplier and build a good relationship of trust. Jixiang Connector is the leading manufacturer of cable glands from China. 

Our factory will closed from Octomber 1st to 4 th, but don’t worry, our team will always online and warehouse is always in stock for fast delivery. 

Welcome to contact us for any inquires or questions.

This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 

Don’t forget to send wishes to your suppliers ‘’Happy China’s National Day! Happy Golden Week!’’

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