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What is EMC cable gland?


Electromagnetic Compatibility, also known as EMC, is the ability of electrical equipment and 

systems to function acceptably in their electromagnetic environment.

The goal of EMC is the correct operation of different equipment in a common electromagnetic environment.

That’s why the EMC cable gland is important in the shielding concept of a system.

The EMC cable gland means the cable gland with electromagnetic compatibility.

The EMC cable gland not only can like other cable glands can provide ideal strain relief function 

and attach electrical cables to equipment securely.

But also can make sure that external signals cannot upset the normal operation of circuits, 

and the operation of that circuit does not affect other circuits.

How do EMC cable glands work?

When the isolation cable enters the EMC cable gland

the metal contact piece attached to the cable gland can be used to make contact with 

the metal isolation woven mesh inside the cable. 

In turn, the electromagnetic waves of the interference are guided to the ground line,

so that the electromagnetic interference source can be evacuated.

How to install a EMC cable gland?


To correct installation of the EMC cable gland is very important, only the correct installation can play its role.


Step 1:

Screw the lock nut, then tighten the full EMC cable gland to the housing,

 install the lock nut in the back side to fit the EMC cable gland and enclosure


Step 2:


Determine the spot where the cable will enter the enclosure and mark the jacket. 

Remove the outer sheath of shielded cable, it will need approx 5-10mm of the insulation of the cable.


Step 3:

Insert cable through EMC cable gland, make sure the EMC cable glands grounding springs are in contact with the shield of the cable. 

The design of the contact elements will adapt to different cable diameters according to the clamping range of 

the cable glands.


Step 4:

Tighten the cap and conductivity will be established

Once the gland is secured, do not pull or rotate the cable because this could damage the cable. 


EMC cable gland as an economic benefits solution, are widely used in electrical, automotive and Communications Engineering.


Jixiang EMC cable glands are made of nickel plated brass and fast assembly. 

The thread type could be PG type, metric type and NPT type as customers need, 

more information about EMC cable gland, feel free to contact us today.

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