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  • In many industrial, when you try to inserted several cables through one enclosure, but there have no enough space for it - by nature, each cables would need a cable gland. In fact, there is a smarter way of sealing Multipleple cables than using a cable gland for each and every cable, you can use Multiple Hole Cable Gland to provide Multipleple entry solution.


  • When you choose a highly protective enclosure, e.g, Junction or terminal boxes, you think you can do it once and for all. In the end it turned out that the internal equipment was still the equipment suffers and rusts. How did the water come from, under such a high level of protection? It’s time to pay attention to the problem of condensation water.


  • Have you ever confused what is the IP Rating and how to select suitable IP Rating of Metal Cable Glands? Believe you will get some help after you finish reading this article.


  • A Marine Cable Gland is sealing device used for cable entry in industrial electrical industry, shaped like a sleeve. Filling some epoxy glue in the Marine Cable Gland when cable passing through it to achieve explosion-proof, waterproof and dust-proof sealing.


  • In a non-static application, if you still using a standard cable gland for your wire. It may cause kinking and chaffing to occur, more seriously, it can damage wires and have a chain of consequences. At this point, you can consider using Strain Relief Cable Glands.


  • The application of outdoor lighting can be seen everywhere in our life nowadays. The old-fashioned way to connector wire such as wrap a few layers of insulating glue unable to meet the requirements of outdoor lamps. You will know how importance of cable glands for outdoor lamps in the article.