Nylon Cable Gland

What is Nylon cable gland?

Nylon Cable Gland also known as plastic cable gland or nylon cord grip,  which are defined as 'mechanical cable entry devices' which are used in conjunction with cable and wiring for electrical, instrumentation & control, and automation systems, including lighting, power, data and telecoms.

What’s the parts of nylon cable glands?

Nylon Cable Gland are assembled from several standard parts. Including:

  • Lock Nut
  • Washer
  • Body
  • Seal
  • Claw
  • Sealing Nut

Usually, the lock nut, body, claw and sealing nut are made of Nylon.
The rest of the washer and seal are made of NBR or EPDM rubber.

The advantages of nylon cable gland

  • Made of high quantity PA66 material, Acid, alkali and alcohol resistant, Heat resistant, Flame retardant etc. Jixiang Connector can customize UV-reisstan nylon cable glands, are great candidates for outdoor applications use.

  • Nylon Cable Glands an be used in outdoor high temperature environment, -40ºC~100ºC in static state (Instantaneous heat resistance120ºC), -20ºC~80ºC in dynamic state (Instantaneous heat resistance100ºC)

  • IP68 for outdoor applications, withstand the humidity resistance test without destroying its contact reliability

  • Wide range of In-Stock Sizes, clamping range of 2 mm to 90 mm suit for the large size charging cables.

  • Compared with metal cable glands, nylon cable glands can be customized in different colors and used with cables to distinguish different functions and facilitate cable management, especially in the telecommunications industry.

What are the common types of nylon cable gland?

Waterproof Nylon Cable Gland

Waterproof Nylon Cable Gland also known as  ''cord grips" or "nylon cord seals" as they are sometimes referred to are vital products when it comes to strain relief of cables, provides a secure entry for an electrical cable into enclosures such as electrical or instrumentation panels.

Extremely easy installation, simply insert cable through the assembled gland and tighten gland locknut until cable is secured.

Multi Hole Nylon Cable Gland

Multiple hole nylon cable glands also known as Multi-hole Cord Grips, is a multi-hole strain reliefs that can fulfill the highest demands of quality and security.

Used for 2 or above 2 cable, to make sure each wire to get the best waterproof insulation and not intertwined.

Spiral Nylon Cable Gland

Spiral nylon cable glands also known as flex-protect cable glands, which offering maximum protection against conductor fatigue caused by flexing cables. The spiral head distributes strain over a larger area, avoiding damage that can result through repeated bending of the cable.

It featuring a flexible section to withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and bending.

Nylon breathable cable gland

JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Nylon Breathable cable gland is one of the special types of cable gland, has a breathable hole insert of the gland body and combine the advantages of cable glands and ventilation plugs in one product.

Moreover, Explosion-proof nylon cable gland, Breathable nylon cable gland etc.

How to install nylon cable glands?

In order for you to connect properly and safety, you need to read the floowing guide carefully before installing:

  • Care should be taken to avoid damage to entry threads when handling and installing Cable Glands.
  • Do not install cable glands whilst circuits are live. Similarly, following energising of the electrical circuits, Cable Glands should not be dismantled or opened until the circuit has been safely de-energised.
  • Cable gland components are not interchangeable with those of any other Cable Gland manufacturer. Components from one manufacturer’s product cannot be used in that of another, doing so will affect the safety of the installation.
  • Cable gland sealing rings are included within the cable gland when despatched from the factory. There should be no circumstances where sealing rings need to be removed from the Cable Gland.
  • Care should be taken to avoid exposure of Cable Gland sealing rings to dirt, hostile chemicals/substances e.g. solvents, and other foreign bodies.
  • Recommended to be worn gloves when handling and terminating cables, in order to avoid personal injury.

After you understand the above, you can install cable gland according to the following

  1. Measure the size of the mounting hole with a vernier caliper
  2. Measure the size of cable
  3. Choose the right nylon cable glands, consider the thread size, cable range and thread length or anything you need to know
  4. Install the nylon cable gland into the pannel and unscrew the sealing nut
  5. Pass the wire through the nylon cable gland
  6. 6.Tighten the sealing nut and finish the installation

If there have any other questions, please feel free to contact Jixiang Connector

Appliction of the nylon cable glands

Great for use in general wiring, electric power, control and industrial panel, telecommunications, flow meters, underwater power generators, electrical equipments, solar power energy system, telecom & network communication,monitoring system, LED lighting facilities, traffic light and electircal machines.

You will get twice the result with half the effort when you have a good partner, Jixiang Connector is professional manufacturer of various kindsof Nylon Cable Gland.

Nylon Cable Gland absorb variations and shocks better than the traditional brass cable glands. Available to suit cable dia 6 mm to 27 mm in Metric Thread. JIXIANG CONNECTOR’S Nylon Cable Gland can reach protection IP68 rated protection that withstands dust, dirt and sand etc,and protect precious electrical connections and safeguard your electrical project with commercial grade strain relief.

Jixiang Nylon Cable Gland can suctomize different colors as your require, like blue and red, which means you can actually color code your cables for your data or telecommunications application, would certainly make maintenance work a lot easier and more efficient.

Welcome to contact us for designing & ordering different sizes.

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  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Nylon Gland Divided Structure PG Thread. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
    JIXIANG CONNECTOR is the manufactures of cable glands, can provide custom designs, such as different thread types and special seals,welcome to contact us for designing & ordering differentsizes. Nylon gland Divided Structure PG Thread aresmall and simple design, cable glands are an important component of electrical installations.But they are used in nearly all areas of industry and trade.

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Nylon gland Divided Structure Metric Thread are devices that you can attach to the end of a cable, to secure it to the equipment, as well as keep the wires tidy andprotect electrical components against mechanical and environmental forces such as dust and moisture by connecting the cables securely to casings.Welcome to contact us for designing & ordering differentsizes.

  • You can rest assured to buy customized JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Nylon Standard Cable Gland PG Threadfrom us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!
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  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR is Professional supplier in various kinds of cable gland.Nylon standard cable gland Metric Thread are manufactured from a high grade engineering thermoplastic, an inherently strong compound that is self extinguishing and corrosion resistant.Welcome to contact us for designing & ordering differentsizes.

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