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Standard Locknut

Right from raw material to finished products, the emphasis on quality has been a pivotal pillar on which the brand Jixiang steadfastly rests. We have a complete and scientific quality management system for JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Standard Locknut.All your inquiries will be replied to in 24 hours. Reasonable quality and reasonable price you will get from us.

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Product Description

Yueqing Jixiang Connector Co., Ltd. is a leading China Standard Locknut manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Adhering to the pursuit of perfect quality of products, so that our Standard Locknut have been satisfied by many customers. Extreme design, quality raw materials, high performance and competitive price are what every customer wants, and that's also what we can offer you. Of course, also essential is our perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in our Standard Locknut services, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Nickel Plated Brass Metric Standard Locknut

What is a standard locknut?

A JIXIANG CONNECTOR® standard locknut, also known as a lock nut, locking nut, self-locking nut, prevailing torque nut, stiff nut or elastic stop nut, is a nut that resists loosening under vibrations and torque. 

How does a standard locknut work?

The JIXIANG CONNECTOR® standard locknut are used in conjunction with a cable gland to fasten cable with equipment. 

By design, the standard locknut are engineered to resist loosening when subjected to vibration or torque.

The standard locknut is an internally threaded fastener that possesses locking capabilities either by itself or in concert with another component.

The standard locknut and cable gland are kept together by a combination of their threads' friction (with a slight elastic deformation), a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together.

How to install a standard locknut?

Our standard locknut are easy to install on the cable gland.

1. You need  choose the suitable size lock nut to fit the cable gland first. Place the lock nut against the thread end of the cable gland. 

If you used a washer, you need install the washer before the standard locknut. 
The washers is used to between standard locknut and the work surface, spread out the load of the tension to prevent pull-through or bending what’s being fastened.

2.Hand-tighten the lock nut. If the standard locknut has a raised center area, ensure that the nut’s flat surface sits flush against the surface once tightened.

3.Use a torque wrench to tighten until the standard locknut reaches the specified torque.

Jixiang Connector's brass standard locknut have good resistance to chemicals and salt water. A nickel plating provides additional corrosion resistance and a decorative metallic finish.  

Standard Locknut Parameter (Specification)

Standard locknut - Thread Type: Metric, PG, G, NPT
Item Thread Thickness (mm) Spanner size (mm) Item Thread Thickness (mm) Spanner size (mm)
JX-M12-ML M12 3 14 JX-PG7-ML PG7 3 14
JX-M14-ML M14 3 17 JX-PG9-ML PG9 3 17
JX-M16-ML M16 3 18 JX-PG11-ML PG11 3 20
JX-M18-ML M18 3 20 JX-PG13.5-ML PG13.5 3 22
JX-M20-ML M20 3 22 JX-PG16-ML PG16 3.2 24
JX-M22-ML M22 3.2 24 JX-PG19-ML PG19 3.5 27
JX-M24-ML M24 3.5 27 JX-PG21-ML PG21 4 30
JX-M25-ML M25 3.5 27 JX-PG25-ML PG25 4 35
JX-M27-ML M27 4 30 JX-PG29-ML PG29 4 40
JX-M28-ML M28 4 30 JX-PG36-ML PG36 5.5 50
JX-M30-ML M30 4 32 JX-PG42-ML PG42 6 57
JX-M32-ML M32 4 35 JX-PG48-ML PG48 6.5 64
JX-M33-ML M33 4 35 JX-PG63-ML PG63 8.5 77
JX-M36-ML M36 4 40 JX-G1/4-ML G1/4 3 14
JX-M37-ML M37 4 40 JX-G3/8-ML G3/8 3 18
JX-M40-ML M40 4.5 45 JX-G1/2-ML G1/2 3 22
JX-M42-ML M42 5 45 JX-G3/4-ML G3/4 4 30
JX-M47-ML M47 5.5 50 JX-G1-ML G1 4 40
JX-M48-ML M48 5.5 52 JX-G1-1/4-ML G1-1/4 5.5 50
JX-M50-ML M50 5.5 55 JX-G1-1/2-ML G1-1/2 5.5 57
JX-M54-ML M54 5.5 57 JX-G2-ML G2 6 64
JX-M56-ML M56 5.5 59 JX-G2-1/2-ML G2-1/2 8.5 77
JX-M60-ML M60 6 64 JX-G3-ML G3 9 94
JX-M63-ML M63 6 68 JX-NPT1/4-ML NPT1/4 3 14
JX-M64-ML M64 6 68 JX-NPT3/8-ML NPT3/8 3 18
JX-M72-ML M72 8.5 77 JX-NPT1/2-ML NPT1/2 3 22
JX-M75-ML M75 8.5 77 JX-NPT3/4-ML NPT3/4 4 30
JX-M80-ML M80 9 88 JX-NPT1-ML NPT1 4 40
JX-M88-ML M88 9 94 JX-NPT1-1/4-ML NPT1-1/4 5.5 50
JX-M100-ML M100 9 110 JX-NPT1-1/2-ML NPT1-1/2 5.5 57
JX-NPT2-ML NPT2 6 64
JX-NPT2-1/2-ML NPT2-1/2 8.5 77
JX-NPT3-ML NPT3 9 94

Jixiang Connector is one of the standard locknut suppliers from China, we can provide customized servise, you can contact us for more size.

Standard Locknut Feature And Application

Brass standard locknut are corrosion resistant in wet environments, electrically conductive, and nonmagnetic. 

Standard Locknut Details

Material: Brass,nickel plated
Thread: Metric, PG, G, NPT
Certificate: CE, IP68, ISO90001
Function: Stanard locknut For use with most electrical fittings. 
Note: Customization is available. Welcome to inquire.

Standard Locknut Qualification

Certificates of Standard Locknut: CE, IP68, ISO9001

Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Standard Locknut

Delivery of  Standard Locknut Normally 7 working days  to 1 month after received the payment.

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