Waterproof Cable Connector

Waterproof Connector


Waterproof connector as a cost effective solutions, designed to connect in a quick and safety way in permanent and temporary installations.

Widely are use in the associated cabling for domestic and commercial applications, such as tunnel lights, billboard lighting, road landscape lighting, underwater lights, streetlights, led flood light, outdoor display, garden electrical lights external, heating and submersible water pumps.



How to install a Waterproof Connector ?


Jixiang connector waterproof connector are easy to install.


1. Unscrew all prats and insert wires from both side

2. Insert the wire-cored terminal into the hollow tube

3. Screw Type: Fix the wires insider the poles by screwdriver

4. Quick Type: Lift the booster and insert the lead connector hole

5. Tighten the nut until the waterproof rubber core tightens the rubber wire

6. Tighten the locking nuts and wiring completed



The features of waterproof connector


1.High protection level

Waterproof connectors not only can resistant to shock, vibration, tensile but also can seal the cable well. The protection level can reach IP68, moisture-proof, dust-proof, can be used in water but not more than 3.5m.

2.Excellent material

Waterproof connectors are made of high quality nylon PA66 material, working temperature range from -40 degree to 100 degree.

inner conductor is copper core filled for better abrasion resistance and electronic conductivity, maximum current 25A, to ensure stable operation of equipment, electrical appliances and lines and the sealing element is silicone ring.

3.Wide range of connector

Jixiang connector providing straight type and 3 way type waterproof connector,available for 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 5 Pin cables, wire range available in 5-8mm, 9-12mm and 10-14mm, suitable for most power cables.

And suitable for DIY use, quick type waterproof connector no need for a screwdriver, just press and clamp the wire directly, can be used to repair and extend power cables.

If youre interested in waterproof connector, please dont hesitate to contact us. 

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  • T type 3 way waterproof connectors are widely used in outdoor systems, lighting, watercraft, and machinery.Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacturer from China, whitch supply high quality T type 3 Way Waterproof Connector is made from durable plastic and copper alloy and will withstand all of the outdoor elements.

  • T Type Outdoor Waterproof Cable Connector IP68 with faster installation: no screwdriver needed. Made from Nylon PA66 can resistant to Salt water, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, benzine, common solvent, weak acids & weak alkalies. Any inquires, please feel free to contact Jixiang Connector.

  • Waterproof Junction Box Connector are made from Nylon PA66 and widely applied in coastal, river, sea or underwater engineering, underground engineering etc. JIXIANG CONNECTOR is a professional manufacturer from China, whitch supply high quality Waterproof Junction Box Connector is made from durable plastic and copper alloy and will withstand all of the outdoor elements.

  • Screwless Waterproof Cable Connectors Suitable for kinds of LED billboards, tunnel lights, Road landscape lighting,outdoor display, garden electrical lights external.Inquiry us Now, to get the free samples and the prices of Screwless Waterproof Cable Connectors.

  • Jixiang's IP68 Waterproof Cable Connector are an ideal accessory when you want fast connect the outdoor lighting and external wiring.Suitable for fast connection to the outdoor lighting, underfloor heating, beacon, watering cart, solar photovaltaic, cruise, etc.

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