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Why EMC cable glands so important?


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an equipment characteristic or 

property and is defined as " the ability of equipment or a system to function satisfactorily 

in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment " 

In the application, the EMC cable glands are used to protect electrical equipment from electromagnetic interference.

And to ensure the correct operation different equipment in the same electromagnetic environment.

The parts of EMC cable glands

Compression nut, claw, sealing ring, EMC metal contact, main body, O-ring, lock nut.

The body and nuts are made of nickel plated brass. Resistant to salt water, weak acid, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvency.

The clamp part is made of high quality Nylon PA66. Sealing rings and O-rings are made of EPDM rubber.

EMC cable glands from Jixiang Connector are in excellent design, sealing nut have a ‘’click’’ sound and re-open, and can hold cable firmly. 

EMC cable glands provide the perfect and affordable solution for trouble-free operation of electrical appliances, systems and plants.

Different from complex installation of other EMC devices, EMC cable glands are easy to handle.

Suitable for cables with and without inner sheath, also suitable for continuing the cable screen to another connection.

Once the isolation cable enters the EMC cable gland, the EMC metal contact item connected to the cable gland can be utilized to 

make contact along with the metal isolation woven mesh within the cable.

The electromagnetic interference source could be emptied by the electromagnetic waves of the interference are assisted to the ground line.

Jixiang Connector’s EMC cable glands with highly conductive, flexible EMC contact for clamping a wide range of cables.

Due to EMC cable glands excellent performance in screening effect, it is applied in various field, such as

- Cables with shielding
- Telecommunication
- Housings
- Switching systems
- Industrial machinery and plant engineering
- Automation technology

Jixiang Connector is happy to deliver EMC cable glands for your projects.

Any questions or inquire, please feel free to contact us.

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