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Your Waterproof Cable Glands Manufacturer Enters Busy Period


There are only two months left until the end of 2022, and less than three months until the Chinese New Year. 

Jixiang Connector enters its busiest period like peak season as in previous years.

The machines in the workshop are non-stop, busy and orderly producing all kinds of cable glands. 

The warehouse is full of goods waiting to be shipped. 

Don’t worried, your order can be processed according to your expected delivery time.

Jixiang Connector production line capacity is 8,000,000 Pcs / Month for various waterproof cable glands:

Brass cable gland

Brass cable glands are made of brass or nickel plated brass. 

Nickel plating is a surface treatment that improves the corrosion resistance and durability of the brass cable gland over time, even in difficult and particularly aggressive environments. 

Stainless steel cable gland

Stainless steel cable glands are a connection device often used in power systems. 

Mainly suitable for outdoor products, medium and large remote control machinery, and some equipment whose main body is in the outdoor control system but not on the main body.

Metal Hose Connector

Metal hose connector can be made by brass,nickel plated, SS304 or SS316 material.

Claw material is PA6 , Sealing Insert and O-sealing ring material are NBR or Silicon rubber.

Extremely easy installation, simply insert cable through the assembled gland and tighten gland lock nut until cable is secured, to make sure the protection degree can be reach to IP68-10 bar pressure.

Nylon cable gland

Nylon Cable Gland also known as plastic cable gland or nylon cord grip,  which are defined as 'mechanical cable entry devices' 

which are used in conjunction with cable and wiring for electrical, instrumentation & control, and automation systems, including lighting, power, data and telecommute.

Meanwhile, Jixiang Connector warehouse with long-term stocking for fast delivery. 
You can contact our professional team directly, we are always ready to provide you with quality service. 
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