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The Latest Waterproof Junction Box Connector You Should To Know

An waterproof junction box connector is is an new design electrical enclosure that protects electrical conductors at the points where they are spliced, tapped and pulled. 

Compared with common junction box, waterproof junction box connector has more advantages and is the preferred choice in electrical engineering such as external cabling, displays, fountain, landscape, and the perfect additional applications in use for solar water heaters and equipment.

Waterproof junction box connector is smaller, small but complete, there have straight type and 3 Way T type, available for 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 5 Pin cables, 

wire range available in 5-8mm, 9-12mm and 10-14mm, suitable for most power cables.

Moreover, there have Screw and Quick Type waterproof junction box connector for your choose from Jixiang Connector.

Easy to install, just plug in anywhere you need for indoor or outdoor use, unscrew the ends of the connector housing, insert the wire directly, 

fix the wires inside the posts with a screwdriver, then tighten the nuts.

Quick type is very suitable for DIY use, no need for a screwdriver, just press and clamp the wire directly.

The hell of waterproof junction box connector is made of high quality PA66 Nylon with high temperature resistance, 

inner conductor is copper core filled for better abrasion resistance and electronic conductivity, maximum current 25A.

And the rubber ring clamping nut for perfect tightness, the protection level of waterproof junction box connector can reach IP68, moisture-proof, dust-proof. 

If you’re interested in waterproof junction box connector, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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