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The functions of Liquid Tight Hose Connector


Liquid Tight Hose Connector are designed for connect flexible liquid tight conduit to fixtures, electrical boxes and enclosures, 

can stand up to corrosive environments like continuous flexing, vibration and corrosive environments. 

Thus, Liquid Tight Hose Connector are widely used in motors, processing equipment, chemical plants, pumps and marine applications, etc.

How to choose the right size of Liquid Tight Hose Connector?

First measure the inner diameter of the hose, select the appropriate conduit fitting according to this data( mean,the outer diameter of the ferrule, will suitable for the inner diameter of the hose)

For example, the size JX-M10*1.5 φ8, means,the the outer diameter of the ferrule of conduit fittings is 8mm, and it will suitable for hose which inner diameter is φ8.

How to install the Liquid Tight Hose Connector?

One side of Liquid Tight Hose Connector has a sleeve that pushes onto the conduit, forming a tight seal that stands up to wet and corrosive environments. 
The other side of Liquid Tight Hose Connector inserts into a fixture, electrical box, or enclosure and tightens down with an included lock nut.

JIXIANG CONNECTOR® providing high quality Liquid Tight Hose Connector in different material to meet your requirements.

Brass Liquid Tight Hose Connector

Brass Liquid Tight Hose Connector are made of high quality nickel plated brass that can simultaneously complete the two tasks of connecting the cable protection hose to the device and fixing the cable.

Zinc Alloy Liquid Tight Hose Connector

Zinc alloy Liquid Tight Hose Connector with good waterproof performance, safety and reliable quality. High quality zinc alloy material can resist salt, acid, alkali, ethyl alcohol and general solvent.

Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Hose Connector

Durable stainless steel Liquid Tight Hose Connector are available in material stainless steel SS304 or SS316, witch offers low conductivity and high corrosion resistance. 

High compression strength and withstands operation over a wide temperature range.

JIXIANG CONNECTOR® is a professional manufactures from China, with completely independently producing and supporting OEM/ODM orders. 
Any inquires or questions of Liquid Tight Hose Connector, please feel free to contact us.
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