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Waterproof Cable Glands and IP68 Junction Box for Outdoor Wiring


With outdoor wiring, the primary safety concerns involve shielding against moisture and corrosion, preventing physical damage, and managing issues related to underground burial. 

Waterproof cable glands, IP68 Junction Box are the perfect waterproof solution for outdoor wiring.

Waterproof Cable Glands

Jixiang Connector provide high quality waterproof cable glands  with gaskets for the bulkhead mounting, stop water coming from inside or outside.

Waterproof cable glands with wide and adjustable clamping range, cable can be inserted through directly then tighten easily, fantastic for cable fixing, wire splices, machinery control boxes,distribution panels and electrical appliances etc. 

Available in nickel plated brass, nylon or stainless steel materials, strong durable, will not crack or fade in sunlight, durable for years of use, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, long-life.

IP68 Junction Box

Using IP68 junction box can achieve quick wire connector for solar panel, speaker, landscaping and underground lighting.

IP68 junction box has fireproofing function, dust-proof function, anti impact function, these functions make sure it could be used under the sun or in rainy days.

Easy installation, no tools required, no welding required, only need to connect the same type of wire together, no cable cutting, more convenient and safer.

Available in 2 way, 3 way and 4 way type of IP68 Junction Box, support cables of 4mm to 14mm, suitable for different wires to prevent water entering.

Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacture of waterproof cable gland and IP68 junction box, welcome to contact us for latest catalogue.
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