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Operation Steps of Nut Forming Machine

Operation steps of nut forming machine
The operation steps of the nut forming machine are more detailed. We must take corresponding measures in every link. In order to make the machine work smoothly, we must ensure that every step is carried out in accordance with scientific steps. Turn on the power switch and the power indicator will light up. Check whether each oil valve is open, and turn on the arrow button of the switch. Open the mold cooling oil and mechanical lubricating oil, and check whether the oil circuit is smooth and whether the oil pressure is sufficient.
Open the cover and check whether there is any debris in the fuel tank between the punch rod and the mold. Standard parts refer to the commonly used parts (parts), such as threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings, etc., that have been fully standardized in structure, size, drawing method, marking and other aspects and produced by professional factories. Mechanical parts and components with a high degree of standardization and strong industry versatility are also called general-purpose parts. If the mold is loose, please check whether each part of the mold is firm and tight. Press "inch" to check whether each part has an abnormal shape or abnormal sound. Under normal circumstances, cover the mold protective cover, turn on the mold cooling oil, and first press "inch" to check whether there is any abnormal state.
Under the above-mentioned normal conditions, release the inch and then press the Run key to change the low speed to high speed. Fasteners are also called standard parts in the market, which are mechanical components that can mechanically fix or bond two or more components together. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance and uses, and a high degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization. Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical basic parts and are in great demand. After a period of observation, I think there is no problem with releasing the "Run" button. If you want to stop during the production process, please press the "Stop" button, and then turn off the cooling oil.
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