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Waterproof Treatment Steps for Low-voltage Cable Intermediate Joints

Waterproof treatment steps for low-voltage cable intermediate joints
1. After the terminals are crimped, wrap waterproof filler around the terminals. Shrink the heat shrink tube.
2. If it is a slightly humid environment, wrap waterproof filling tape on both ends of the cable and shrink the sheath (the sheath must be glued at both ends).
3. If the environment is harsh, self-adhesive waterproof tape must be used for enhanced waterproofing (heat shrinkable waterproof tape can also be used, we generally use self-adhesive tape, heat shrinkable tape is used for cable damage repair).
1. After filling the waterproof filler, wrap a layer of self-adhesive waterproof tape on the outer layer of the filler or stretch the self-adhesive waterproof tape for multiple layers, but the thickness should not be too thick, so as not to be too large and the insulating pipe sleeve cannot enter.
2. Put the heat shrinkable tube on the glue to shrink well.
3. Wrap waterproof tape on both ends of the heat shrinkable tube, and then wrap a layer of self-adhesive waterproof tape, wrap the waterproof tape and self-adhesive tape on both ends of the cable insulation sheath, and then heat and shrink the sheath.
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