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Using Breathable Cable Gland or Ventilation Vent Plug against condensation water


When you choose a highly protective enclosure, 

e.g, Junction or terminal boxes, you think you can do it once and for all.

In the end it turned out that the internal equipment was still 

the equipment suffers and rusts.


How did the water come from, under such a high level of protection?

It’s time to pay attention to the problem of condensation water.

Condensate is generally produced when the temperature changes.


Such as the equipment is in operation or the heat during the daytime, 

the temperature and pressure in the box will increase.


If the air in the enclosure cools down and there is no pressur 

equalization, condensation will form, which can no longer escape 

and cause losing of IP feature of the products.



The perfect solution is:

to use Breathable Cable Gland or Ventilation Vent Plug.

How Breathable Cable Gland or Ventilation Vent Plug work?


There have porous membrane is inside Breathable Cable Gland and 

Air Vent Plug, the water and dust cannot ingress the membrane, 

but it can ensures the circulation of air while maintaining the tightness.

What’s more, the Breathable Cable Gland and Ventilation Vent Plug 

are designed for one-way aire flow that allows heat and pressure to 

exit the box but prevents moisture from coming back in.