Waterproof Cable Gland

What is the waterproof cable gland ?

A Cable Gland is a type of device that is used to terminate and secure the end of a cable. 

The Waterproof Cable Gland is designed to be waterproof, dustproof, Acid and alkali resistant,corrosion preventive and common solvent.

Thus, waterproof cable gland is widely used for marine equipment, wastewater treatment facilities and other applications where protection from water is a necessity.

According to the material of waterproof cable gland , there are brass cable glands, stainless steel cable glands (SS304,SS316) and nylon cable glands.

What’s the parts of waterproof cable gland ?

- Lock Nut: Nickel Plated Brass, SS304/SS316, Nylon
- O-ring : NBR or Silicon Rubber
- Body : Nickel Plated Brass, SS304/SS316, Nylon
- Claw : PA or Silicon Rubber
- Seal : NBR
- Sealing Nut : Nickel Plated Brass, SS304/SS316, Nylon

How do Waterproof Cable Gland work? 

Consisting of a body and a nut, the glands could either contain a separate O-ring and seal. 

The cable gland is then assembled within a circular cutout in the enclosure, capturing the wall of the enclosure between the body and nut creating that watertight seal. 

They are usually used to indicate the degree of protection of the waterproof cable gland, such as IP68,IP67,IP65.

What’s the meaning of IP68,IP67, IP65?

All waterproof cable gland are supplied with an IP (ingress protection) rating, 

which refers to the level of sealing effectiveness as defined in IEC 60529 (Formerly BS EN 60529:1992).

The rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits, the higher the number the better the protection.  

Sometimes a number is replaced by X, which indicates that the enclosure is not rated for that specification.

The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against the ingress of solid foreign objects, 

from tools or fingers that could be hazardous if they came into contact with electrical conductors or moving parts, to airborne dirt and dust that could damage circuitry.

The second digit defines the protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against various forms of moisture (drips, sprays, submersion etc).

Below is a helpful chart which shows what each number represents:

Protection Level

Solids Rating (First Number)

Liquids Rating (Second Number)

0 or X


Not rated for protection against contact or ingress (or no rating supplied).



Not rated (or no rating supplied) for protection against ingress of this type.




Protection against solid objects larger than 50 mm (e.g. accidental contact with any large surface of the body, but not deliberate body contact).



Protection against vertically dripping water. No harmful effects when the item is upright.



Protection against solid objects larger than 12 mm (e.g. accidental finger contact).



Protection against vertically dripping water. No harmful effects when tilted up to 15° from normal position.



Protection against solid objects larger than 2.5 mm (e.g. tools).



Protection against water sprayed directly at any angle up to 60° off vertical.



Protection against solid objects larger than 1 mm (e.g. small objects such as nails, screws, insects).



Protection against splashing water from any direction. No harmful effects when tested for at least 10 minutes with an oscillating spray (limited ingress permitted).




Dust protected: partial protection against dust and other particulates (permitted ingress will not compromise the performance of internal components).



Protection against low-pressure jets. No harmful effects when water projected in jets from 6.3 mm nozzle, from any direction.



Dust tight: full protection against dust and other particulates.



Protection against powerful water jets. No harmful effects when water projected in jets from 12.5 mm nozzle, from any direction.





Protection against full immersion at up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes. Limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects.





Protection against immersion beyond 1 meter. Equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water. The manufacturer may specify conditions.

You can find more details from our article. (What is the IP Rating of Metal Cable Glands?)

The following refer to how to choose the protection level:

Low IP ratings are appropriate for:
- Indoor use, like Constant temperature and dry room
- Protected use inside sealed products

High IP ratings are appropriate for:
- Outdoor use
- places that have a lot of debris
- Wet locations, like underwater proof light
- High splash areas

Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacturer from China , we can provide the high protection level IP68 waterproof cable gland.

The advantage of Jixiang waterproof cable gland

High quality

The waterproof cable gland from Jixiang are made from high quality brass or nylon PA66 plastic. 

Automatic production workshop ensures every detail is in place, the thread is clear, the anti-trip snap and perfect sealing ring. 

We can provide competitive prices while ensuring quality and high praises from the domestic and foreign customers.

Widely size range

Metric thread, PG thread and NPT thread size can be provided. Clamping range of 2 mm to 90 mm suits the large size charging cables, believe it can meet your requirement.

Simple mounting

You just need to thread the cable through the cable gland then tighten up the sealing nut and lock nut, the cable will be tightly fixed but no need to disassemble.

Complete certification

Jixiang waterproof cable gland have got CE, IP68, Rohs, Reach approval. 
Jixiang Connector has been providing waterproof cable gland to domestic and foreign customers for more than ten years.

Customized service

As a manufacturer, we can customize the waterproof cable gland according to the drawing, such as customized the thread length. 

Moreover, Logo can be printed on the waterproof cable gland as required to help customers establish their own brand.

Perennial stock

Regular size waterproof cable gland are always in stock for fastest delivery. We also can provide free samples and low MOQ.

How to inquire to the Jixiang Connector for a quote of waterproof cable gland?

You can send an inquiry directly on the website, or contact us through the following ways:
Email: jx5@jxljq.net
Tel: +86-577-61118058/+86-18958708338
Fax: +86-577-61118055

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  • Waterproof SS Cable Glands normally made of stainless steel with a hermetic seal to ensure IP rating up to IP68 and has the advantages of smooth and delicate surface, clear stripes, standard thread, smooth and burr-free, etc.​You are welcomed to come to JIXINAG CONNECTOR to buy the latest selling, low price and high-quality.

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR Waterproof PVC Cable Gland is decomposed intosix small parts: lock nut,washer,body, seal, claw and sealing nut.The claws and seals of excellent design, can hold cable firmly and have a wider cable range. Extremely easy installation, simply insert cable through the assembled gland and tighten gland locknut until cable is secured.Welcome to contact us for more details.

  • Elbow Brass Waterproof Cable Gland are used to protect and anchors cable at chassis entry, protects from water & dust and is suitable for various outdoor applications.Jixiang Connector Brass Waterproof Cable Gland are made of high quality brass, smooth surface, no burrs, longer life span with best functional outcome and for it’s application in various industries.

  • Spiral nylon cable glands also known as flex-protect cable glands, which offering maximum protection against conductor fatigue caused by flexing cables. The spiral head distributes strain over a larger area, avoiding damage that can result through repeated bending of the cable.Jixiang Connector spiral nylon cable glands can be used with a wide range of cables both indoors and outdoors.Welcome to contact us for more details!

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Multiple hole nylon cable glands metric thread for sealing multiple wires through a single cable gland. Save space by limiting the number of cord grips used for entry into your enclosure, panel or combiner box. Jixiang is a professional manufacturer from China, provide multiple hole nylon cable glands, it used for 2-8 cord cables.Welcome to contact us directly!

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Multi hole brass cable gland is used for 2-8 core cables, to make sure each wire to get the best waterproof insulation, and not intertwined.Jixiang is professional manufacturer in China,we can provide professional service and better price for you.

Buy products from our factory called Jixiang Connector which is one of the leading Waterproof Cable Gland manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our high quality Waterproof Cable Gland are popular with people who want to get cheap commodity. Our products also have passed CE and IP68 certification audit. You can rest assured to buy low price from our factory. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.
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