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Everything about Armoured Cable Gland


What is armoured cable gland?

Under IEC standards, there are two main cable gland types according to mechanical properties, which are non-armoured cable gland and armoured cable gland.

This main difference between unarmoured and armoured cable gland is that the armoured cable gland are designed for use with steel-wired armoured (SWA) cables.

What is armoured cable?

In electrical power distribution, armoured cable usually means steel wire armoured cable (SWA) which is a hard-wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains electricity. 

The swa cable are made of conductor,insulation, bedding, armour and sheath. Different from unarmoured cable, the armoured cable has added protective armour that helps protect the cable core.

Main functions of armoured cable glands:

1.Protection from the environment – seals the cable’s outer sheath to prevent dust, particles and moisture from the electrical box or enclosure.

2.Earth continuity – if the armoured cable gland is metallic in construction, it can be tested for earth continuity.

3.Securing the cable – provides resistance against cable pull-outs when the cable is impacted.

4.Complex sealing – armoured cable glands offer substantial ingress protection for the part of the cable that enters electrical boxes or enclosures.

Usually the use environment of armoured cable glands will be worse than that of unarmoured cable glands, due to armoured cables always be buried directly undergroud, for outdoor installation or in tunneals.

Therefore, it’s important to install the armoured cable glands correctly, you can click here to see our article on ''how to install an armoured cable gland?’’

Jixiang Connector is a professional manufactur of various kinds of cable glands and cable connectors. You can find the most common type armoured cable gland as below:

BW Cable Gland

BW cable glands suitable for single wire armored, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Recommended to use with shroud for additional ingress protection.

CW Cable Gland

CW cable glands is used for outdoor applications, terminates and secure cable armoring and outer seal grips sheath of cable thus ensuring mechanical strength 

and earth continuity and where necessary to provide an IP66 seal with the outer sheath of the cable.

Any inquire of armoured cable gland, you can contact us directly. Our team are ready to provide the perfectly suitable solution.
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