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How to choose the cable glands type?

There are many types of wire and cable glands, how to choose? Here is a summary of the following methods to help you choose a higher degree of matching wire and cable glands.

First, according to the use of the purchase

1. If you want to use the power transmission and distribution, it is recommended to choose power cable glands;

2. If it is for the transmission of telephone, television or other electrical signals, special communication cable glandss can be selected;

3. It is recommended to select the control cable glands if it is specially used in the energy and transportation sector, industry and mining industry, or for the control and protection lines under the rated AC voltage of 450/750 volts.

2. Choose according to the laying conditions

1. If your use scenario is prone to mechanical damage or external erosion factors common environment, armored cable glands is a more suitable choice, because the outer metal protective layer can well protect the cable glands core from damage;

2. If cable glandss and wires need to be laid in vertical and high-drop scenarios, plastic insulated cable glandss with light weight, simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance are recommended to facilitate laying.

3. If corrosive gases or objects are used, use anti-corrosion cable glandss.

Three, according to the safety of the purchase

1. If it is needed in hospitals or scenes with high requirements for environmental hygiene, it is best to choose low-smoke halogen-free cable glands. Due to the particularity of its material, its composition does not contain halogen, and it will not produce toxic halogen acid gas when burning.

2. If you need to limit the combustion range, you can choose flame-retardant cable glands, which is suitable for power stations, large mining, oil fields and other dense places with higher safety;

3. Some electricity environments such as nuclear power plants, subways, tunnels and so on have more stringent safety requirements. Even if there is a fire accident, safety must be guaranteed.

4. Choose and buy according to the work attributes

When choosing cable glandss, it is also necessary to refer to voltage loss, thermal response, economic current density and mechanical strength and other factors, and to judge the selection according to the working properties.

Generally speaking, because the low voltage power line load current is relatively large, so it is recommended to evaluate the heating conditions first when choosing; If it is a low voltage lighting line, it is important to consider the voltage loss.

High voltage lines should consider the economic current density, in order to achieve the highest cost performance. In addition, for the high voltage overhead line to calculate the mechanical strength of the cable glands, to ensure that the use of more stable.

The above sums up the answers to the relevant questions about how to choose the cable glands type, and I hope it will be helpful for you to choose the right cable glands and wire products.

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