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How to find high quality breathable cable gland?


A breathable cable gland allows air to pass through, which helps to equalize pressure and prevent moisture build-up within an electrical enclosure or housing, 

can help to improve the lifespan and reliability of the equipment it is installed in. 

Additionally, breathable cable glands may also make it easier to inspect and maintain the enclosed electrical components by reducing the likelihood of condensation or corrosion forming inside.

Breathable cable glands can be used in a variety of applications such as telecommunications, transportation, industrial automation, and renewable energy.

To find high quality breathable cable gland, you can follow these steps:

Consider the material: 

Look for breathable cable glands made of high-quality materials like brass, stainless steel or plastic that are both durable and rust-resistant.
Brass breathable glands generally provide better durability and protection against harsh environments, while nylon breathable glands are typically more lightweight and cost-effective.

Check for certifications: 

Choose a cable gland that is certified for quality standards by reputable organizations like CE.

Look for IP rating: 

Ensure that the breathable cable gland has a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating that indicates its ability to resist dust and moisture. 

Consider breathability: 

Check if the cable gland has a breathable membrane that allows for pressure equalization, preventing moisture build-up inside the enclosure. 

Look for customization options:

Choose a provider that offers customization services, so you can get the cable gland that precisely meets your needs.

Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacture of cable glands over 10 years.

Our breathable cable glands available in material brass and nylon, can reach waterproof IP68, with full range of size and we also can providing customized services to meet your requirements.

If you need more information about our breathable cable glands, feel free to contact us!
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