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  • Robots have a wide range of applications in almost all industries these days because of their precision and convenience, such as Food & Beverage, Chemical, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Mines & Quarries etc.Any inquire or questions, welcome to contact Jixiang Connector directly, our team will offer advice and recommend the best cable glands for your application.


  • Nylon Cable Glands are widely used in the electrical, communications and data industries.It is very important to choose the right nylon cable glands for your equipment. Jixiang Connector is a professional manufactuer of nylon cable glands, not only offer high quality and durable cable glands, but also provide custom services to suit every environment use.Any questions or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Common stainless steel cable glands are made of stainless steel type 304 or stainless steeltype 316, knowing their characteristics will allow you to better choose the right stainless steel cable glands.Jixiang Connector is a professional cable glands manufacturer and provide SS304 and SS316L stainless steel cable glands, available in a variety of thread types, Metric thread, PG thread, NPT thread and G thread, clamping range from 3mm to 90mm suitable for all sizes of cables.


  • October 1st is China’s National Day.There will have a public holiday from October 1st to October 7th every year,you can imagine that all factories and offices are closed and people are traveling during this rare holiday week, tourist attractions are also crowded.There have two tips to proactively plan for China’s National Day to minimize any disruptions to your supply chain.


  • In 2022, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 10th (Saturday) and the Teacher’s Day is also on this day. It means more than centered family reunion and happiness but also a day to thank teachers.Jixiang Connector has prepared moon cakes and fruits as gifts for all employees with great care. And there will have a holiday from September 10th to 11th for all employees to spend with their families and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.


  • The cable glands in an indispensable part of the shell. It is necessary to choose the appropriate cable glands for the enclosures.Plastic cable glands and Metal Cable Glands for IP Enclosures.ATEX cable glands for explosion proof enclosures. Jixiang Connector a professional manufacturer from china and offers a wide selection of cable glands to fit your needs.


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