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  • Armoured Cable Gland BW25 Gland is used for armoured cables.Provide armor in the aclamping wire to ensure continuity and mechanical retention ot the cable.Jixiang Connector provide high quality armoured cable gland BW25 gland, which are made of brass, and has own warehouse with long-term stcok for fast delivery.

  • Armoured Cable Gland BW20 Gland can seal the inner sheath and outer sheath of the cable, and maintain the mechanical retention of the cable and the continuity of power transmission by cutting the armored wire, and the armored clamp can maintain the armored cable and cable joint Electrical connection. Contact Jixiang Connector now for quick reply!

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Stainless Steel Enlarger are made of SS304 or SS316 and can transform different threads OD freely; Change smaller Thread to lager Thread.We can produce different thread lengths of Stainless Steel Enlarger and the other sides of threads (not standard) as the requirement of customer.

  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR® Stainless steel armoured cable gland are designed for use with steel-wired armoured (SWA) cables, also known simply as armoured cable,with quick installation, safety, reliability and other characteristics of good protection, isolating gasket tube in suitable for clamping and fixing steel wire knit of armored cable.It can be used in Hazardous division 1&2.Welcome to contact us for any inquires or questions.

  • Waterproof Junction Box Connector are made from Nylon PA66 and widely applied in coastal, river, sea or underwater engineering, underground engineering etc. JIXIANG CONNECTOR is a professional manufacturer from China, whitch supply high quality Waterproof Junction Box Connector is made from durable plastic and copper alloy and will withstand all of the outdoor elements.

  • Waterproof SS Cable Glands normally made of stainless steel with a hermetic seal to ensure IP rating up to IP68 and has the advantages of smooth and delicate surface, clear stripes, standard thread, smooth and burr-free, etc.​You are welcomed to come to JIXINAG CONNECTOR to buy the latest selling, low price and high-quality.

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