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  • JIXIANG CONNECTOR Waterproof PVC Cable Gland is decomposed intosix small parts: lock nut,washer,body, seal, claw and sealing nut.The claws and seals of excellent design, can hold cable firmly and have a wider cable range. Extremely easy installation, simply insert cable through the assembled gland and tighten gland locknut until cable is secured.Welcome to contact us for more details.

  • Elbow Brass Waterproof Cable Gland are used to protect and anchors cable at chassis entry, protects from water & dust and is suitable for various outdoor applications.Jixiang Connector Brass Waterproof Cable Gland are made of high quality brass, smooth surface, no burrs, longer life span with best functional outcome and for it’s application in various industries.

  • Spiral nylon cable glands also known as flex-protect cable glands, which offering maximum protection against conductor fatigue caused by flexing cables. The spiral head distributes strain over a larger area, avoiding damage that can result through repeated bending of the cable.Jixiang Connector spiral nylon cable glands can be used with a wide range of cables both indoors and outdoors.Welcome to contact us for more details!

  • The brass air vent plugs is design for venting air and preventing water intake, can be used to relieve pressure or vacuum on bearing housings, gear boxes, reservoirs, or any application where venting is necessary. Jixiang Connector’ brass air vent plugs protection level can reach IP68, offer various levels of air flow and help to equalize temperature and pressure and prevent internal condensation. Welcome to contact us for a quote or samples.

  • The plastic air vent plugs can keep product enclosures’ pressure balance that may be exposed to indoor and outdoor temperature changes while keeping dust and water out. Jixiang Connector Is the leading supplier from China, providing high quality plastic air vent plugs ensures that exhaust will be vented safely and effectively.

  • Screwless Waterproof Cable Connectors Suitable for kinds of LED billboards, tunnel lights, Road landscape lighting,outdoor display, garden electrical lights external.Inquiry us Now, to get the free samples and the prices of Screwless Waterproof Cable Connectors.

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