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Protective Measures Using Stainless Steel Screw Cap

Protective measures using Stainless Steel Screw Cap
1. Welding nut is a kind of nut suitable for welding outside the nut. It is generally made of weldable materials and thicker and suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separate parts into a whole and melting the metal at high temperature. After mixing together and then cooling, the alloy will be added in the middle, the internal is the action of molecular force, the strength is generally greater than the strength of the parent body. For your personal safety, please be sure to use gloves/long-sleeved overalls (if only short-sleeved overalls, please wear a wrist protector)/apron and other protective equipment.
2. There is a lot of noise when the nut is running. To protect your hearing, please wear earplugs.
3. Please do not stretch out your hand, the electrode between your arm and any part of the body is on the head and the lower part of the body to avoid electric shock. Standard parts refer to the commonly used parts (parts), such as threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings, etc., that have been fully standardized in structure, size, drawing method, marking and other aspects and produced by professional factories. Mechanical parts and components with a high degree of standardization and strong industry versatility are also called general-purpose parts.
4. Regarding the choice of pedal switch. Please choose a foot switch with a protective cover. (The upper part and both sides of the foot must be covered) to prevent accidental movement of the machine during abnormal operation.
5. If the nut is not in use, please cut off the power and air supply.
6. Before using the nut, please follow the operating instructions carefully.
7. When performing welding operations, please confirm the supply range of the nut (from the supply head to the electrode).
8. Please hold the welding workpiece with both hands and lean on the lower electrode. The anti-loosening nut originated from abroad. It is permanently attached to the thread with a special engineering plastic, so that in the process of shrinking the internal and external threads, the engineering plastic is squeezed to produce a strong reaction force, which greatly increases the gap between the internal and external threads. Friction provides absolute resistance to vibration.
9. After safety confirmation, the start switch will be pressed ON for nut supply and welding connection operations
10. After welding, please turn off the start switch.
Stainless Steel Screw Cap
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