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  • Waterproof connectors join electrical devices in wet environments by forming an extremely tight seal. These wet environments can include humidity, rain, snow, saltwater, and pressurized water used for purposes such as cleaning. Jixiang Connector is a professional cable connector manufacture.Any inquires, please feel free to contact us.


  • Flexible spiral cable glands are widely used to in the dynamic applications, such as robotics industry, automation, handheld device, light and sound applications, automobile and alternative energy. To save time and complete projects smoothly, you’d better make sure of these following two things first before buying flexible spiral cable glands.


  • The armoured cable gland are designed for use with steel-wired armoured (SWA) cables. Jixiang Connector is a professional manufactur of various kinds of cable glands and cable connectors. Any inquire of armoured cable gland, you can contact us directly.


  • Robots have a wide range of applications in almost all industries these days because of their precision and convenience, such as Food & Beverage, Chemical, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Mines & Quarries etc.Any inquire or questions, welcome to contact Jixiang Connector directly, our team will offer advice and recommend the best cable glands for your application.


  • Nylon Cable Glands are widely used in the electrical, communications and data industries.It is very important to choose the right nylon cable glands for your equipment. Jixiang Connector is a professional manufactuer of nylon cable glands, not only offer high quality and durable cable glands, but also provide custom services to suit every environment use.Any questions or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Common stainless steel cable glands are made of stainless steel type 304 or stainless steeltype 316, knowing their characteristics will allow you to better choose the right stainless steel cable glands.Jixiang Connector is a professional cable glands manufacturer and provide SS304 and SS316L stainless steel cable glands, available in a variety of thread types, Metric thread, PG thread, NPT thread and G thread, clamping range from 3mm to 90mm suitable for all sizes of cables.


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