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  • Nylon Cable Glands serve a wide range of automotive markets around the world.Jixiang is a professional cable gland supplier and has their own factory. The Nylon cable glands from Jixiang perform a number of essential roles in cable management and have excellent performance in resistance to abrasion, corrosion, acid and alkali.Welcome to contact us for inquire.


  • EMC Cable Glands are used in applications which involve shielded cables for electromagnetic protection.Jixiang EMC cable glands are made of nickel plated brass and fast assembly. The thread type could be PG type, metric type and NPT type as customers need,more information about EMC cable gland, feel free to contact us today.


  • Due to the SWA cable are heavey and extremely difficult to bend, it always found in underground systems, power networks and cable ducting. It’s important to install armoured cable gland correctly!


  • The Explosion-proof cable gland also called atex cable gland or exd cable gland, is widely used in hazardous areas with flameproof function. It is very necessary to know some basic knowledge about Explosion-proof Cable Gland before choose it. Jixiang provide ATEX Explosion-proof Cable Gland with quick installation, safety, and suitable for clamping and fixing various types of armored cable.


  • When cable glands secure a cable to a piece of equipment, sometimes, there will have compatibility problems happend. For example, the thread diameters or thread types of some systemcomponents differ from those that were originally intended.That's when you need an adaptor or reducer. Jixiang provide high quality reducer and adaptor are made of Nickle plated brass or stainless steel.


  • Under the dual pressure of climate change and energy shortage, the global demand for wind and solar energy is growing rapidly. Jixiang to meets the needs of wind and solar energy manufacturers by supplying all kinds of Nylon Cable Glands. Not only Nylon Cable Glands, Jixiang offers metal cable glands that are suitable for outdooruse, such as nickel plated brass and stainless steel cable glands to meet your requirement.


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