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  • The cable glands in an indispensable part of the shell. It is necessary to choose the appropriate cable glands for the enclosures.Plastic cable glands and Metal Cable Glands for IP Enclosures.ATEX cable glands for explosion proof enclosures. Jixiang Connector a professional manufacturer from china and offers a wide selection of cable glands to fit your needs.


  • Brass conduit fittings are connectors and fittings used to connect one piece of conduit to another, or to connect conduit to an electrical box. Conduit and brass conduit fittings form systems to route and protect wire and cable.Jixiang Connector is a professional manufacturer from China.If you’re interested in brass conduit fittings, please contact us without any hesitation.


  • CCTV Systems are a part of our everyday lives. Cable glands is a perfect solution to help CCTV Systems continuous uninterrupted operation, minimize costly downtime and maintenance cost. Jixiang Connector is a professional cable glands manufacturer, not only can provide all kinds of cable glands, but also can provide customized services.


  • In application, using ventilation plug and breathable cable gland to enable quick pressure equalization for outdoor lighting and ensure a dry casing for long service life of lamps.


  • IP68 warterproof connectors good for low voltage, are use in the associated cabling for domestic and commercial applications, such as underwater lights, streetlights, led flood light, outdoor display, garden electrical lights external, heating and submersible water pumps. Besides, IP68 warterproof connectors is very popular with people who like DIY, it’s a safe DIY tool. Jixiang Connector provide many size of IP68 waterproof connectors for your choose. 2 pin, 3pin, 4pin and 5pin is availiable and T branch connector can be option.


  • In the application, the EMC cable glands are used to protect electrical equipment from electromagnetic interference. And to ensure the correct operation different equipment in the same electromagnetic environment. Jixiang Connector’s EMC cable glands with highly conductive, flexible EMC contact for clamping a wide range of cables.


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